Tremadoc Reconstruction

Reconstruction of eastern Gondwanaland for the Cambro-Ordovician (Tremadoc)) showing the postulated positions of the East and Southeast Asian terranes, distribution of land and sea, and shallow-marine fossils that illustrate Asia-Australia connections at this time. NC = North China SC = South China T = Tarim I = Indochina Qi = Qiangtang L = Lhasa S = Sibumasu WB = West Burma GI = Greater India. Present day outlines are for reference only. Distribution of land and sea for Chinese blocks principally from Wang (1985). Land and sea distribution for Pangea/Gondwanaland compiled from Golongka et al. (1994), Smith et al. (1994); and for Australia from Struckmeyer & Totterdell (1990).

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