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Ruakuri Cave

Ruakuri Cave is situated in the Waitomo area of the North Island, New Zealand. The cave is close to Aranui Cave and is formed in the same Cenozoic Limestones approximately 30 million years old. Ruakuri means 'den of dogs' and is named after the pack of wild dogs that used to inhabit the cave entrance. The cave was discovered by Maori some 400-500 years ago and was first opened to tourists in 1904. The cave was closed for a lengthy 18 year period in recent times but was re-opened to the public in 2005 following the construction of a new drum entrance with spiral walkway.

The drum entrance of Ruakuri Cave with spiral walkway.

Drum passage, Rualuri Cave

Curtains Ruakuri Cave

Formations Ruakuri Cave

Undecorated cave passage through bedded Cenozoic Limestone, Ruakuri Cave

Fossil Pecten (Clam) shell preserved in the Cenozoic Limestone of Ruakuri Cave

Stalactites Ruakuri Cave

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