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Piripiri Cave

Piripiri Caves are located on the Te Anga Road, west of Waitomo. There is a small well signposted car park and a short walk through woods brings you to the main cave entrance. The caves comprise two large chambers joined by a small muddy connecting passage. Both chambers have large fallen blocks strewed on the chamber floors and nmegotiating these is difficult. A knotted rope is provided in the first chamber to help visitors reach the connecting passage but visitors are warned not to proceed unless they are experienced cavers or are withb experienced cavers. This cave is open to the public free, but visitors who wish to enter the cave are advised to have suitable clothing, footware (boots), torch and preferably a helmet.

Entrances to Piripiri Caves

Large fallen boulders and blocks fill the first chamber and a rope provides help to descend

The cave is not well decorated, but in places there are groups of stalactites to be seen

A visitor photographs stalactites, Piripiri Caves

The muddy plaque that warns visitors not to proceed to the second chamber unless experienced!

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